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Online Services for DSPS Support

Online Services for DSPS Support

This section provides resources for moving and sustaining DSPS services and instruction online in an accessible manner, consistent with federal and state regulations.

  • CCC Accessibility Center
    • The CCC Accessibility Center is a grant-funded organization that supports the California Community Colleges in terms of web and information technology accessibility services, guidance, and technical assistance. Excellent resource for assistive technology, alternate media, website accessibility, including Canvas, and campus technology planning.
  • California Virtual Campus Online Education Initiative
    • CVC-OEI is a project of the Chancellor’s Office that provides CCCs with support for online course design, Canvas course management, and training for faculty, students, designers, and staff.
  • TechConnect Novel Coronavirus 2019
    • TechConnect is a grant-funded project from the Chancellor’s Office. It provides TechConnect Zoom services (CCC Confer/Confer Zoom) and cloud based storage for all California Community College faculty, staff, and administrators. It also provides the CCCCO summer Online Teaching Conference.
  • 3CSN: Wayfinding Online Zoom Series: Navigating the Virtual Landscape Together
    • These sessions explore the purpose behind a variety of teaching and learning tools, which is particularly important as campuses are moving all instruction, counseling, and other student services online, many for the first time. 3CSN is an initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.
  • Zoom and FERPA Compliance
    • Covers compliance of Zoom videoconferencing with FERPA.
  • JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion to be Free of Charge for Students
    • Freedom Scientific is offering these products for personal computers at home, until June 20, 2020.
  • Kurzweil to Offer Free Programs
    • Kurzweil is offering their products for free home use during COVID-19.
  • Canvas Course General Accessibility Design Guideline
    • From Canvas, provides general guidelines for online accessibility, including layout, headings, images, tables, videos, and more.
  • Accessibility within Canvas
    • Specific Canvas-related help, including screen readers and browsers, navigation with a screen reader, and Canvas-wide accessibility components and features.
  • Ocelot Chatbots
    • This tool for all Student Services departments, including DSPS, is offering a free COVID-19 bot. Ocelot Chatbots have an Executed Preferred Pricing & Master Service Agreement with the Foundation for California Community Colleges.
  • 3CSN: Community Workshops & Resources for Online Engagement and Support
    • Crowdsourced resources for practitioners and students. 3CSN is an initiative of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office.
  • Racial Equity in Online Environments
    • Six-part webinar series, presented by the Chancellor’s Office and USC’s Center for Urban Education, addresses multiple aspects of racial equity in online learning. 

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