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Project Team

Our project team consists of individuals that have over thirty years of combined experience directing DSPS programs in California Community Colleges, over fifty years working in community colleges in the State, and over thirty years of providing technical assistance and training to programs serving individuals with disabilities.

Dr. Gail Conrad is the current Project Director for DSPS Solutions with Interwork Institute. She is also a Lecturer for the SDSU masters degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She was the District Director of DSPS for the San Diego Community College District from 2007-2017 and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our project team.  She has directed DSPS programs for almost thirty years and has her Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Community College Leadership through SDSU.  Dr. Conrad has worked repeatedly as a TA provider under the Galvin Group for the DSPS TA project and is a highly respected and experienced community college leader in the realm of disability support services.  

Jill Jansen is directing the DSPS TA project for the Interwork Institute and another member of our project team.  Ms. Jansen is the former DSPS Coordinator and Department Chair for San Diego Mesa College.  Ms. Jansen has been working in the field of disability support services in the community colleges for over thirty years and has been the Director of DSPS at Mesa College for nine years.  Ms. Jansen has also served as a TA provider for the Galvin Group and co-authored the Adult Learning Disabilities/Issues and Accommodations course currently used by the Galvin Group to educate DSPS program staff.  Her extensive knowledge of learning disabilities has proven to be invaluable as a trainer and technical assistance provider for LD Specialists working in DSPS programs in the California Community Colleges.  She co-authored "Best Practices for Learning Disability Specialists Internships" and the "LD internship guidelines for the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office," among others.

Dr. Caren Sax is the Principal Investigator for this project.  As the Co-Director of Interwork Institute and the Department Chair of ARPE, Dr. Sax provides the administrative link to the University and oversees all of the Institute's activities and programs.  Dr. Sax is a nationally and internationally recognized scholar and expert in the field of transition from school to postsecondary education and employment for individuals with disabilities.  She teaches in both the Rehabilitation Counseling program and the Ed.D. program at SDSU.

Interwork Institute's Center for Distance Learning (II-CDL), under the direction of Minah Oh, will provide the full array of website and web application services necessary for the project.  II-CDL has twenty years of experience developing and delivering training and technical assistance utilizing distance methodologies.