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New Directors Training

Welcome to the 2020 CCCCO New Directors Learning Series

This year there are 4 webinars.  Included below is the 2020 DSPS FACT sheet.

This section provides you with resources to support you throughout the year. 

  • Director/Coordinator Training Assets -this piece is broken down into five parts that directly align with the PowerPoint Presentation and provide support materials to assist you throughout the year:

    • Part One: Legal Mandates, which include state and federal regulations and laws, and OCR decisions

    • Part Two: Responsibilities of the DSPS Coordinator, which are too numerous to list here, but include leading the program and assuring best practices, implementing Title 5 Regulations, and meeting CCCCO requirements 

    • Part Three: Types of Services Provided, which is the front line of services to students with disabilities -this covers day to day operations, including serving students within the specific disability categories defined in Title 5

    • Part Four: CCCCO Budget, which addresses allocations, allowable expenses, DHH, MIS, and Audits

    • Part Five: Support Resources: Getting the Help You Need, which includes information on the many resources offered through CCCCO and other organizations to help you and your program succeed

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