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CCCCO Specialized Webinars and Training

CCCCO Specialized Webinars and Training


  • CCCCO DSPS SSARCC Webinar, presented by Linda Vann, CCCCO DSPS Specialist. This presentation provides an overview of SSARCC and year-end reporting for DSPS programs in the CCC System.

CCCCO DSPS AB 705 Promising Practices Webinar

  • Presentation on AB 705 Promising Practices, facilitated by Linda Vann, CCCCO DSPS Specialist. Presenters include three DSPS program directors, who have been working with their colleges to implement placement and acceleration practices that integrate the needs of students with disabilities.

    • Presentation Date: April 18, 2019: You can now access the archived webinar here
    • Download Individual PPT Presentations (in order of appearance): 
      • Virginia Richards, Manager, Disability Support Services: Los Medanos College
      • Celeste Ryan, Instructor/Coordinator, Special Programs and Services: Coastline College
      • Sunny Greene, Ph.D, Director/Counselor, DSPS: College of the Siskiyous
        • Final slide in this PPT includes contact infomation for all presenters and the Chancellor's Office.

CCCCO Learning Disabilities Eligibility & Services Model (LDESM) Refresher Training

SSARCC Webinars

  • Allocations, Auditors, and SSARCC Webinar, presented on June 7, 2017, for California Community Colleges DSPS Programs

    • This presentation is intended for DSPS Coordinators and Directors, as well as Business Managers that work with the DSPS budgets. It includes a short review of the Allocation for 2017-2018, the anticipated changes for 2018-2019, and the work to be done in preparation for auditors. It also includes a presentation on the modifications to the SSARCC report that is to be completed at the end of the 2016-2017 year.

    • Power Point Presentation is provided here, select format:
    • To access the archived version of this webinar:
      • Go to and click on Watch a Recording (towards middle of home page about ½ way down the page)
      • To locate the recording, query the search field by date & time (06/07/2017 01:00 PM) or title (DSPS Allocations, Auditors, and SSARCC)

    • Important links related to this topic on the Chancellor's Office website include:

MIS Webinars

  • MIS Data Submission DED Updates for 2017-18 Reporting, presented March 23, 2017

    • This presentation provides recent changes to the Data Element Dictionary that align MIS reporting with current Title 5 Regulations.

    • Link to March 23, 2017 presentation:
    • The CCCCO Memo on Changes Critical to MIS Data Collection and Processing, dated March 3, 2017, is provided here, select:
    • Data Element Dictionary Reporting Domains for DSPS Student Record (March 3, 2017)
    • CCCCO DSPS MIS Data Element Dictionary 2016-2017