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Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible for support services or instruction a student with a disability must have an impairment which is verified and which results in an educational limitation. The existence of an impairment may be verified, using procedures prescribed by the Chancellor, by one of the following means or through the interactive process:

  1. observation by DSPS Certificated staff;
  2. assessment by appropriate DSPS Certificated staff; or
  3. review of documentation provided by agencies or by certified or licensed professionals outside of DSPS.

The student's educational limitations must be identified by appropriate DSPS Certificated staff and described in the Academic Accommodation Plan required pursuant to Section 56022.  Eligibility for each service provided must be directly related to an educational limitation consistent with Section 56000(b) and Section 56004.

For more information on Title 5 regulations and guidelines please go to:

Title 5 Regulations & Guidelines & California Code Sections