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Support services are those specialized services available to students with disabilities defined in Sections 56002 of the Title 5 Guidelines which are in addition to the regular services provided to all students.  Such services enable students to participate in regular activities, programs and classes offered by the college.  They may include, but need not be limited to: 

Access to and arrangements for adaptive educational equipment, materials and supplies required by students with disabilities;

Job placement and development services related to transition to employment;

Liaison with campus and/or community agencies, including referral to campus or community agencies and follow-up services;

 Registration assistance relating to on- or off-campus college registration, including priority enrollment assistance, application for financial aid and related college services;

 Special parking, including on-campus parking registration or while an application for the State handicapped placard or license plate is pending, provision of a temporary parking permit;

 Supplemental specialized orientation to acquaint students with environmental aspects of the college and community;

Continuing variable cost services which fluctuate with changes in the number of students or the unit load of the students.  These services include, but are not limited to:

Test-taking facilitation, including arrangement, proctoring and modification of tests and test administration for students with disabilities;

Assessment, including both individual and group assessment not otherwise provided by the college to determine functional educational and vocational levels, or to verify specific disabilities;

Counseling, including specialized academic, vocational, personal, and  peer  counseling  services  specifically  for students with disabilities, not duplicated by ongoing general counseling services available to all students;

Interpreter services, including manual and oral interpreting for hearing-impaired students;

 Mobility assistance (on-campus), including manual or motorized transportation to and from college courses and related educational activities;

Notetaker services, to provide assistance to students with disabilities in the classroom;

Reader services, access to assistive/adaptive technology including High Tech High Center, alternate media, brailing, including the coordination and provision of services for students with disabilities in the instructional setting;

 Speech services provided by a licensed speech/ language pathologist for students with verified speech disabilities;

Transcription services, including but not limited to, the provision of braille and print materials;

Transportation assistance (off-campus), only if not otherwise provided by the college to all students, where public accessible transportation is unavailable or is deemed inadequate by the Chancellor's Office;

Specialized tutoring services not otherwise provided by the college;

Outreach activities designed to recruit potential students with disabilities to the college;

Accommodations for participation in co-curricular activities directly related to the student's enrollment in state-funded educational courses or programs; and

Repair of adaptive equipment donated to the DSPS program or purchased with funds provided under this subchapter.

One-time variable costs for purchase of DSPS equipment, such as adapted educational equipment, materials, supplies, and transportation vehicles.