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Welcome to the online resources for Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) developed for and by the 115 California Community Colleges, including the new California Online Community College, under the auspices of the Chancellor's Office.

The resources included are organized into Content Areas (Sections and Sub-sections). Each of these Sections provides documents and materials of interest, policies and procedures, forms, Frequently Asked Questions, Chancellor's Office Legal Opinions, handbooks and live links to many resources.

Browse through the Highlighted Sections below to see the resources available. You can also use the search feature located at the top of the page to get a list of resources specific to your needs. Simply type the keywords that you might find in the document title or description of the topic (for example: "Title 5," or "educational assistance class").

Section One - Chancellor's Office Resources

Section Two - OCR/ADA/504

Section Three - Federal & State Laws, Compliance Regulations and Guidelines

Section Four - DSPS Program Management

Section Five - DSPS Academic Adjustments, Auxiliary Aids, Services and/or Instruction

Section Six - 508, Alternate Media, Distance Education & Assistive Technologies

Section Seven - Faculty Resources

Section Eight - Student Resources

Section Nine - Budget/MIS