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Resources | Interwork Institute | DSPS Solutions


Welcome to the on-line resources for Disabled Students Program and Services (DSPS) developed for and by the 113 California Community Colleges, under the auspices of the Chancellor's Office.

The resources included are organized into Content Areas (Sections and Sub-sections). Each of these Sections provides documents and materials of interest, policies and procedures, forms, Frequently Asked Questions, Chancellor's Office Legal Opinions, handbooks and live links to many resources.

Click on the Highlighted Sections below to see the resources available for that Content Area. To use the search feature above type one or two keywords that you might find in the document title or description (example: Title 5).

Section One - Chancellor's Office Resources

Section Two - OCR/ADA/504

Section Three - Federal & State Laws,Compliance Regulations and Guidelines

Section Four - DSPS Program Management

Section Five - DSPS Academic Adjustments, Auxiliary Aids, Services and/or Instruction

Section Six - 508, Alternate Media, Distance Education & Assistive Technologies

Section Seven - Faculty Resources

Section Eight - Student Resources

Section Nine - Transition Resources

Section Ten - Budget/MIS

Section Eleven - Access, Security and Safety on Campus

Section Twelve - Adapted Physical Education (APE)

Section Thirteen - Working with Other Categorical Programs & Resources


We encourage you to visit as many college websites as possible throughout the California Community College system and across the nation. The wealth of information available makes it impossible for us to incorporate it all on our website.

These resources are made available in conjunction with the on-line training program for DSPS Coordinators,as well as documents and links provided by many of the 113 Community College faculty and are continually updated as we discover new documents and links that can assist colleges in their ongoing efforts to provide equal access and opportunity for students with disabilities.

Notation of Accessibility
It is the intention of the DSPS Solutions that this site meet and exceed the 508 standards set for web pages. To this end we are continually testing and retesting the material on these pages to ensure that accessibility is achieved and maintained. To a very great extent this site is about linking DSPS personnel to meaningful resources both old and new. At times we encounter resource pages that are not as accessible as we would like. We have made the conscious decision that knowledge of the information should be maintained. Where practical we have flagged links that may be suspect. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and pledge to continually search for resource pages that meet the 508 standards.

Preparation of these resources was supported in part by sub-contract #10-0345 through the California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office. Readers are advised that the fair use provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law permit the reproduction of material from this publication for "purposes such as criticism, communication, reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research."