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How to File an OCR Complaint and How to Search for Cases

Agencies Providing Oversight and Legal Actions

How to Locate an OCR Case

  • To locate OCR Resolution Letters and Agreements, go to the Office for Civil Rights Recent Resolution Search page. Then use the following directions to find relevant cases:
    • Enter the topic in the search field at the top of the page
      • A sample topic would be “extended time on assignments”
    • Select how you want the results presented (ordered by institution name or by date resolved; the default is by institution name)
    • Using the fields in the column on the left side of the page, select all criteria to by which you wish to limit your results:
      • State (click Show more to see all options)
      • Type of Institution
      • Statute (Select Disability Discrimination)
      • Type of Discrimination (click Show more to see all options)
      • Resolved Date (you will see the number of cases related to your topic in parenthesis following the year)
    • Your results will appear directly on this search page, with options for downloading the letter and the agreement.
    • You may also want to use the search feature on the Type of Discrimination Search page if you feel you need more directed assistance with your search.
  • How to locate Open OCR Cases Currently Under Investigation, go to the Pending Cases Currently Under Investigation page. Then use the following directions to find relevant cases.
    • Select “Disability Discrimination” and search the list, which is arranged by state.