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Technical Assistance

One-day technical assistance visits are available to colleges with new DSPS Directors. These voluntary visits are supported by the Chancellor's Office through a PADS contract and are offered to the colleges at no cost. 

Technical Assistance visits serve a number of purposes; they provide expertise and information in a collegial, non-threatening atmosphere, provide an opportunity to brainstorm ideas for program improvement; provide a mentoring and networking experience for DSPS staff and provide visiting DSPS staff an opportunity to view other DSPS programs.

The focus of the visit is individualized technical assistance in areas identified by the Coordinator and program staff.  In an effort to provide maximum benefit to DSPS programs, minimal preparation on the part of the college is required.  DSPS programs are not required to furnish any documents, nor schedule interviews with students and administrators, unless such are necessary as part of the content to be discussed. Compliance issues are not verified unless requested as part of the visit. A member of the staff, accompanied by a content expert from a California Community College, attends the one-day visit. Once a date is scheduled, the staff member works with the Coordinator to refine the content elements and select an appropriate team member. Materials and resources are prepared by the TA team for presentation and discussion at the college. These one-day visits provide an opportunity for DSPS Coordinators and their staff to receive expertise, information and resources in an informal manner at their own offices.

Over the past  seven years, approximately 100 colleges have received such a visit. Content areas explored during these visits include: Preparation of Program Plans; ADA/504; Program Management; Forms and Record Keeping; Budget/MIS; Adapted Physical Education; Student Learning Outcomes; Alternate Media; High Tech Center operations; Interpreter Issues; Transition; Faculty Awareness, and Staff Development. 

In addition to colleges with New Directors, there is availability for TA visits for colleges making special requests, through the DSPS Specialist at the Chancellor's Office, Linda Vann, (916) 322-3234 or email: