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DSPS Solutions provides two separate self-paced training modules, including:

  • DSPS Directors Training, supports new DSPS Directors/Coordinators as they learn the details and responsibilities of their new job
  • LD Issues and Accommodations Training,  is intended for use by those practitioners interested in becoming LD Specialists
    • Successful completion of the LD Issues and Accommodations training module and all of its quizzes leads to a certificate that is equivalent to a 3-unit graduate level course, which can be applied to the 15 units required by the CCCCO to get into the LDESM training.
    • You will need to register in order to get an ID and Password (click Register to go to the new registration page).
    • You will need to enroll in order to take all quizzes and get the certificate: Enroll Now
    • When you compete all quizzes successfully with 80% or over of accuracy, you will find the link to print your Certificate.

Technical Information:

If you experience any problems with the training modules please contact the DSPS Solutions Consultant at

For technology-related questions, please contact us at