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LD Issues and Accommodations

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LD Issues and Accommodations Training is a comprehensive training on issues and accommodations surrounding adults with learning disabilities. 

There will be one main text for this course that will be accompanied by other assigned readings.

The text chosen is:

Adolescents and Adults with Learning Disabilities and ADHD: Assessment and Accommodation. New York: The Guilford Press.

This text is authored by Dr. Noel Gregg, distinguished professor at the University of Georgia.

A sample link for ordering this text is provided.

These books are not required but may be of interest to you:

Learning Disabilities, Second Edition:  From Identification to Intervention by Jack M. Fletcher, G.Reid Lyon, Lynn S. Fuchs, Marcia A. Barnes. Copyright 2019

Diagnosing Learning Disorders, 3rd Edition:  From Science to Practice by Bruce F. Pennington, Lauren McGrath, Robin L. Peterson. Copyright 2019.

Diagnosing Learning Disorders, Second Edition:  A Neuropsychological Framework by Bruce F. Pennington. Copyright 2008

This training is to assist you in understanding the issues of learning disabilities in the California Community Colleges. Fifteen upper division or graduate level units in learning disabilities are required to be accepted into the training and to be qualified to determine eligibility for DSPS in the California Community Colleges. Upon successful completion of the course, it will give you 3 equivalent graduate units towards qualifying for acceptance into the Learning Disabilities Eligibility & Services Model training.

This course constitutes approximately 48 hours of instruction with the linked readings, exercises, and quizzes. The content of this 11-chapter module was designed to be completed sequentially.

More information on becoming a California Community Colleges Learning Disability Specialist: